Anatomy of a HCI Researcher

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A fun poster design I made for a design course in CMU. It abstractly charts my academic different interests from high school to grad school, and how I became interested in HCI. You may browse the process booklet for an explanation.


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Grayvine – Layout Designs

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In National Junior College, I became the Layout Director for the Grayvine quarterly publication. Along with contributing some articles, I designed covers and page layouts for some of its issues. Shown below are selected pages.

(I hope to reformat this post to show adjacent pages).

Graphic Designs

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Design training was an important component for the ‘O’ Levels Art Programme. I learned to produce designs for items such as book covers, posters, and brochures.


More will be available once I find some samples and upload them.

Water Gonna Do?

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51-711 Graduate Design Studio 1