Art 121: Introduction to Painting

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I took an introduction to painting course to learn another skill in art. It was an interesting experience to learn how to see images as shapes of colour, instead of lines and shading.


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COMS 501 Software Engineering (Spring 2006). I led a team of 6 students to develop a Property Management System for Small Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts. I was also heavily involved in the back-end design, implementation, testing, and documentation.


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Spreadsheet program I did in my 1st semester (Fall 2003) in Cornell for the course COMS 211 Computers and Programming. Coding it was fun since I drew a lot of ideas from ShapeShifter to add extra features, but that took a lot of time.

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To provide more automation for feedback during group collaborations, this project incorporates peer and automatic linguistic feedback with a chat interface. As a collaboration between Cornell University and Parsons, New School for Design, this involved engineers from Cornell and designers from Parsons.

I was involved with this project from Spring to Summer 2006. I developed the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) chat bot to capture conversations from group chats for processing in our system. The bot can also send messages from the administrator. Moreover, I developed the Flash Remoting bridge between the Flash front-end and J2EE back-end.

Hidden Treasures

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For this project, we developed an enhanced mobile tour guide system for the Cornell University Ithaca campus. The goal is to provide an anytime, anywhere cell phone-based tour guide to students and visitors so that they may uncover the past and emerging treasures of Cornell.

I was involved with this project in Fall 2005, working on the Geographic Information System (GIS) to serve maps of the campus to the mobile clients.

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