Narrative Visualization: Food Loves Fellowship

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Live Demo (circa May 2016)

I led an amazing team of diverse professionals (HCI, UX Designer, Software Engineer, Data Scientist) to create an award-winning data visualization to celebrate Singapore’s love of food.

Live demo (may be slow on first load).

This interactive 3D Map Visualisation celebrates Singapore’s favourite pastime: eating! It illustrates the diversity of local cuisines in various areas around the country. With this interactive visualisation, you can discover where to find your favourite dishes and the best places to enjoy them together.

This tongue-in-cheek visualisation also calculates how long it will take for you to eat all the yummy hawker food in Singapore! In fact, it estimates a good 160 years to sample everything, based on the reported average frequency of eating at hawker centres. Want to enjoy all of this food more quickly? Learn how though interacting with this visual celebration of SG food!

Food Loves Fellowship is an example of the Narrative Visualization Toolkit research done at the Urban Systems Lab at I2R. As more data is being used and released, many insights can be discovered through the use of sophisticated data analytics driven by machine learning algorithms. However, these insights need to be communicated to decision makers, consumers, and urban citizens through engaging narratives. Our research toolkit will make it easy to use state-of-the-art big data visualizations to tell these stories to engage, edify, enlighten and educate users.

Awards & Presentations

IDA Data-in-the-City Visualization Challenge 2014: 3rd Place

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