Catalog of various projects I have worked on including websites and course projects, from high school to grad school.

Water Gonna Do?

51-711 Graduate Design Studio 1

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Granny Home Activity Monitor Simulator

05-344 Applied Machine Learning

Project for course Applied Machine Learning. I used the dataset provided from Kasteren et al. 2008 about activity recognition in a smart home to train a classifer using a decision tree. To test the classifier, I developed this simulator using a Java game engine (Golden T Game Engine).

Game simulator for smart home activity recognition


  • Golden T Game Engine. . Retrieved 16 December 2008.
  • Kasteren, T.L.M., Noulas, A. K., Englebienne, G., Kröse, B.J.A. Accurate Activity Recognition in a Home Setting. In Proc. Ubicomp 08. Seoul, South Korea, 2008.

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Digital Stress Bell

05-833 Applied Gadgets, Sensors and Activity Recognition in HCI
For a course, I built a soft, squeezable “stress ball” with physiological sensors, a PSoC
microcontroller, and a Bluetooth chip to measure various physiological signals and
communicated the information to a computer. The development went from breadboard prototyping to a custom PCB implementation.

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COMS 501 Software Engineering (Spring 2006). I led a team of 6 students to develop a Property Management System for Small Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts. I was also heavily involved in the back-end design, implementation, testing, and documentation.

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Spreadsheet program I did in my 1st semester (Fall 2003) in Cornell for the course COMS 211 Computers and Programming. Coding it was fun since I drew a lot of ideas from ShapeShifter to add extra features, but that took a lot of time.

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Cornell Society of Physics Students – Website

In 2004, I was asked by the president to join the Cornell Society of Physics Students as their webmaster. I built the then version of the website. I’ll post some screenshots if I find them…eventually.

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Oakland International Fellowship – Website

OIF logoFrom 2009, I have been involved in the revamping of the website for my church in Pittsburgh. The website, at is based also based on the WordPress blog engine to allow the core team to more easily update it with information, news and events.

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